Sunday, November 27, 2011

Curious Wisdoms Favorite things 2011...

 Oprah has her favorite things....(Sorry no car in the budget this year:) Our local news personalities have theirs...and now we have ours! To kick off this Merry Holiday Season beginning today Sunday November 27th 2011... Twice weekly we will feature a favorite thing we cannot exist without! One lucky random follower (to be selected Sunday December 18th 2011) will receive a basketful of our faves to enjoy this Season... Let the favorites begin!

    Today's favorite is Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple! This scrumptious scent is hard to wait for all year long! I usually rush the store to get my hands on my first bottle of the Season!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday...

    Last Thanksgiving I was nearly six months pregnant. My hubby and I were on our own to enjoy the last quiet Thanksgiving we would have for awhile. I slaved the day away cooking the perfect little romantic feast! It was wonderful! Sitting down to snuggle on the couch after gorging ourselves I suddenly got a second wind.....  and the brilliant idea that we should participate in the evening of midnight madness.  It seemed harmless some stores beginning their sales at ten with the major items to go at midnight. We could just quickly go look around! Maybe find the perfect little gifts? Surprisingly enough I only had to do a little begging to get  the consent of my sweetheart...

     Arriving a little after eleven we thought we would be so smart arriving in the middle the sight before us was adrenaline pumping! Wild eyed and ready for snatching their intended purchases at all costs, the crowd was insane! Lines were formed around each department a mile wide and people were getting snarky!

    After making the rounds we finally settled into the toy crowd and waited....

    At midnight exactly... not one second sooner or later it began! My eye quickly caught sight of the littlest pet shops that my kids adore...unfortunately so did one hundred other mothers! I darted down quickly protecting my little belly and blindly started grabbing and tossing into our cart. Rising above the crowd victorious! Arms raised above my head the coveted toy in hands! I scanned the chaos for my husband, our wild eyes met...

  And so this continued until we had a full cart. Not caring what we were grabbing...just grabbing! We later found a quiet aisle...(groceries:)  and started sorting through the mess keeping what we wanted and placing the "not so much" items behind the Velveeta.

    Then we proudly made our way to the checkout counter where we waited...and waited...and waited! The total we racked up surprised us both...weren't we supposed to be receiving great deals?  I was utterly exhausted! Christmas shopping done, but exhausted!

  So  suffice it to say this Friday morning I will be snug in my bed warm and cozy! Those of  you who love this tradition are brave souls and truly good luck to you!

Happy tomorrow is Turkey day:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


    I am supposed to be working;) Insurance claims can wait for a minute or two...Behind me the kids are catching up on the Twilight trilogy in anticipation for our viewing of the newest installment. I can't help but listen and become sidetracked! I am so excited!! I am even more anxious for Hunger Games Woot Woot!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

My version of a bandanna bag...

This tutorial looks much better:) Sewing is like riding a bike... After oh, seventeen bags or so I had my skills back! You can stay simple as I did or get as fancy as you like! These as I mentioned will be used to hold hygiene kits...

I started by folding and pinning my intended seams.
Cut along the closed side of the bandanna about six inches. Fold and pin.

Starting on the right hand side sew around the entire bandanna.

Turn right side and using a water bottle measure a pocket on the front. Pin and sew leaving one end open.
Attach your straps. I thought it was cute to tie a knot on the end after attaching the strap.

I used Velcro dots for the closures. I found three to be ideal.
Add a Velcro dot to the water bottle pocket.
Cute! Practical and easy!

I prefer baby drool!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
   Recently my parents welcomed a new baby to the family. The four legged kind!  Yesterday we drove over to grandma's to meet the new family member. As I held my new puppy sister and nuzzled deep into her soft fuzzy fur I looked to my sweet baby girl who was sitting on grandma's lap. Both were watching. One with total adoration the other with wide eyed amusement. What was that four legged fuzz ball prancing around the ground all about? The question begs to be asked. Puppy or baby? Which is cuter? What do you think?  Puppies vs. Babies online contest  Participate today by voting in Animal Planets online contest!

    I  watched in amusement of my own as my daughter watched the puppy with curiosity. I felt my heart leap each time my little girl laughed and clapped her tiny hands. So needless to say I voted babies! Puppies vs. Babies      Babies are one of a kind heart songs! Puppies are great but really their form of saying/sniffing hello has always startled me! Aye!  I am all about sweet babies!  Which will you chose? Vote today!  Share your opinion in our comment box while you are here! !!

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Puppies vs. Babies online contest

Thursday, November 17, 2011


     This Thanksgiving evening you will not find my family at home. You will not find us belly full at the movie theater. You won't even see us at the mall or snug in or beds resting up for black Friday steals...

    This Thanksgiving evening thanks to the hard work of the angels we will be at a local Community Center handing out hygiene kits and giving to those in need. This is my mom and sisters baby and we are so lucky to be involved in their generosity. My children anxious to be a part of the experience.
 Handmade bandanna bags full of hope and necessity....Guess the sewing machine is coming out after all!

    Wow! I was in a hurry this morning! My un ironed, pinned together tutorial looked awful! Will post new and improved pics soon!
     Thank you mom and Maggie for your hearts full example! We cannot wait! If you would like to donate items leave us a comment!

Visit Hearts and Hands

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fantastic idea!

   I love this! If you are like me you  may have recipe's floating around in various and random places...I found our no bake Key Lime Pie recipe in the diaper bag? It would be so great to have all the family favorites in one place! Wonderful gift idea also!

Save your eggs please...

    I am getting evil glares....Christmas lights?! Im sorry! It's my baby dolls first Christmas!

Happy smiles!

The projects that just keep giving...

     The possibilities are truly endless! I am so grateful for all the felt flower tutorials that have given me my start into what I am honestly having a little bit too much fun with! Again I have to be careful as to not spoil the Christmas fun!

    My pillows look fabulous and I am so excited I can't stand it! I was pondering over what to put into my flower top baby jar...

 Barrettes of course! First I started with a small felt dot. Then cut my felt into strips...
 Because I want them to fit nicely (not squashed) into my jar I made a template of sorts by tracing the baby jar lid. Place your dot in the center as this will be your guide size....
 Cut your felt into small petal size strips. Loop over and glue! Be careful to only apply a dot! Too much hot glue on dark felt makes an unsightly mess!
 Continue in a circular motion in any color or pattern your little heart desires...

 Attach a bobby pin or barrette form to the back and you my friends are in business!
 For the purple barrette I cut the loops in half at an angle to create a different look from the same pattern:))
There are so many fun patterns of felt! Colors galore! Look around! Have fun! I also found these little canvas purses on sale at my local craft store that look awesome with felt flowers!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

While your at it...

 While you are working with your baby jars try this fun flower top jar...

 Using your glue gun attach one of the completed lids to the top of a regular uncut lid.


Our version of a classic treat...

 I could not place the familiar taste of these delicious cookies...They reminded me of something....

 Oatmeal Cream Pies! Follow the directions on package...and for the sake of argument I added some instant oatmeal. Drop by teaspoonful trying to keep them equal sized...


Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Countdown...

Can you believe it is nearly time! I have been saving baby food jars for months now convinced that I would reuse them for something at some time...Inspired by a few darling ideas that I saw on Studio 5;)

 Carefully cut and bend back the lid...Then snip off the sharp edges.

                         I used a light cinnamon acrylic paint to create a rusty look.

     While your paint dries decorate your jar. I used frosted tissue sheets.

                    To create the handles I folded over the wired ribbon and glued.

 Target your area:) Mine is our banister which I love and always like to decorate fun for the Holiday!


Up out of the reach of curious fingers but within woderous eyesight.

Only twenty four more! Will post the finished product!

Happy Happy Seasons!
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