Thursday, November 17, 2011


     This Thanksgiving evening you will not find my family at home. You will not find us belly full at the movie theater. You won't even see us at the mall or snug in or beds resting up for black Friday steals...

    This Thanksgiving evening thanks to the hard work of the angels we will be at a local Community Center handing out hygiene kits and giving to those in need. This is my mom and sisters baby and we are so lucky to be involved in their generosity. My children anxious to be a part of the experience.
 Handmade bandanna bags full of hope and necessity....Guess the sewing machine is coming out after all!

    Wow! I was in a hurry this morning! My un ironed, pinned together tutorial looked awful! Will post new and improved pics soon!
     Thank you mom and Maggie for your hearts full example! We cannot wait! If you would like to donate items leave us a comment!

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