Monday, November 21, 2011

My version of a bandanna bag...

This tutorial looks much better:) Sewing is like riding a bike... After oh, seventeen bags or so I had my skills back! You can stay simple as I did or get as fancy as you like! These as I mentioned will be used to hold hygiene kits...

I started by folding and pinning my intended seams.
Cut along the closed side of the bandanna about six inches. Fold and pin.

Starting on the right hand side sew around the entire bandanna.

Turn right side and using a water bottle measure a pocket on the front. Pin and sew leaving one end open.
Attach your straps. I thought it was cute to tie a knot on the end after attaching the strap.

I used Velcro dots for the closures. I found three to be ideal.
Add a Velcro dot to the water bottle pocket.
Cute! Practical and easy!

1 comment:

  1. So cute, Gar! You've done a phenomenal job. Can't wait to hand them out!


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