Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Jutorial and Burlap Spiders!

    As the Fall season begins and the chilly air moves in I have found myself a little busy! Busy creating! Here is a fun, fast, low cost, and unique Halloween decorating tutorial! 


    For the jute spider web it is easiest to find a semi heavy blanket you can lay out on the floor! This was my second web! The first one was held down on my kitchen counter with coffee mugs! It worked, but this is much easier!

1. Cut jute to desired lengths.
2. Pin strands of jute to the blanket to secure it while you work!
3. Fire up the glue gun.

    Working in between strands create your web! It is easier to cut the inner stands as you go! I tried one continuous piece and the look was not the same! Cut and glue as you work around the web. Once you have the look you like, remove the pins and hang it in an awesome location! 

Does your web look empty....

     These cute burlap spiders are the perfect occupant for your new jute web!

1. Fold a 5x7 strip of burlap in half and cut the head and body shape.
2. Glue or sew the inner edges of the burlap, leaving about a 1/2 inch border from glue to edge, and leave a small hole near the shoulder of your spider.
3. Stuff stuffing through the small hole. Fill it up full! Glue or sew access hole shut.
4. Use a piece of tulle to separate the head from the body, and for a cute bow!
5. Cut eight pieces of wire to the same desired length.
6. Carefully use hot glue to secure and wrap jute around each wire. If the ends are fraying add a small drop of hot glue. When the glue is cool enough to handle, but not set... roll it between your fingers until the fray is gone!
7. Fold up the sides where the 1/2 inch border is on the body. Hopefully your burlap is frayed and will create a "fur" up against the body. Use glue to secure.
8. Sew or glue the legs into place! Once in place you can bend them however you choose!

Happy Haunting!


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