Saturday, September 15, 2012

If the slipper fits...

                                           Fall 2012 Shoe Guide - Runner's World

     I have recovered from my race exactly a week ago today! I feel great and even more encouraged to pursue my fitness goals! My desire to complete the annual 10K race in my hometown has been a long time goal of mine. Years ago a much more naive me believed I could just step on the race course and complete a race...just because! My last place status was the largest slice O humble pie ever! I have wanted to prove to myself ever since that I could do better, accepting the fact that some effort is in fact required!

    A older and wiser me now knows and respects the many obstacles a runner must face in training, during a race, and the recovery. Weeks ago when I began training I joked with a friend how I only had a few minutes to myself each day in between naps, diaper changes and SAHM life in general... "I get five minutes to think each day, and now it is to exercise! I hate exercising!" Funny how the course of training has changed my attitude and having completed my goal has me thinking of life in race form. Sometimes it is just plain hard and we wonder what the heck we are doing! We start out slow carefully approaching the task at hand, then we pick up momentum and gain confidence, finally with the end in sight we know we have survived!

    I have enjoyed the feeling of well being immensely. My body now looks forward to training. I am encouraged to set my goals even higher! This morning my daughters and I wandered out to the road to watch the TOU runners pass by.... I felt it in my heart that I wanted to be a part of what they were doing! Perhaps if I stick to my guns next year will find me in marathon shape?

     Now if I can just get my feet recovered! Rigorous weeks of training have left my feet hammered! I had two pairs of the wrong shoes to train in! I went through the usual breaking in of blisters and debilitating shin splints! The use of potassium daily seemed to help. I am also now in the market for a new running shoe! I found this awesome tutorial on how to determine your arch type:

The Wet Test

Perhaps Santa will come bearing Saucony this year!


  1. Thanks for sharing and well done on completing the race what an awesome achievement. I agree about being a SAHM it's hard to find time to exercise but good on you for doing that (just what I needed too, some motivation!)
    Thanks for following I have followed back x

  2. Thanks Sylvia:)Your little one is such a cutie! I hope to motivate! If not for good friends and family I never would have had the desire to reach my goal:)

  3. INSPIRING!!!! Well done and congratulations on the dedication.
    Stopping by from Exposure 99%. Followed you on Twitter too.

  4. Congrats on the race. Good for you for doing something you really enjoy doing and working towards it. I love hearing the positive things that health and wellness do for people. It's amazing how it powers the mind with enjoyment and motivation.



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