Monday, January 24, 2011

The gift of re-wreathing..

For one reason or another...I am obsessed with the appearance of our front door. I do actually believe it is a trend now sooo...Last July I began collecting a wreath for each season. As the season would pass and I would prepare to don the door with the current seasons wreath I always cringed at the thought of storing my wreaths under the stairs for a year, getting crunched and mashed. So I decided not to put them away!
My first errand of the morning was to the craft store. I needed to replace our Christmas wreath in it's obvious festive decor. I just wanted something simple for the remaining portion of winter, then my spring wreath hunt will begin! I wanted a simple grapevine. Love them! They sure are expensive! I had the strange thought back to a trip I recently made to Deseret Industries. While browsing the store for old shelves I could refinish I had seen piles and piles of old holiday grapevine wreaths adorned accordingly. For dirt cheap! The same wreath this particular size at the craft store was nearly twenty bucks...

With a little work and love, for two dollars....Voila!

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