Monday, October 14, 2013

WHOOO WHOOO is ready for Halloween!

    With Halloween right around the corner I had been dragging my feet some! Knowing I would need to come up with something fantastic for my little one! Whilst the older kiddos were still busy pondering the correct look for their Halloween debut I started gathering items from around the house to get the creative juices flowing! 


    In my search around the house I found a couple of old dresses and an idea began forming!

     I first covered the bodice in strips of brown felt. Once the felt is in place, carefully snip the ends to create a feather like look! Next grab a few cups out of the cupboard and create the eyes! So far fairly simple and my cost $0.00!

    I did have to purchase tulle, but found Hobby Lobby just happened to have theirs on sale! Saving half at the register! With the dress on the wiggly intendee, use a ribbon to measure the circumference of the skirt! I used three layers for extra fluff! Remove from wiggly body and carefully pin the layers into place. Then glue or sew onto the dress!

    With a long sleeve brown under shirt, fuzzy brown tights, and....

    We have a winner! Paint an old pair of shoes and use scraps of felt to create one of a kind Halloween goodies! Total cost for this "Hoot" of a costume: $6.00

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Simple Halloween decor!

    October is finally here! Hooray!! Time to get real crazy! If you are on a budget, finding funds to create can be frustrating! I am big at looking around the house to see what I can use that we already have! Kids always have construction paper! Cut out some fun characters! Cost $.00

    Dig out those old vacant frames! I need to find some fun round ones! Cost $0.00

    Get creative and have fun! Use chalkboard paint for a unique spin! 

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