Friday, February 1, 2013

You will Have good luck....In the tub!

  I am not spoiled just loved! My Kindle Fire HD is amazing! I love it so much! I have done everything but read on it! We have added so many movies, games and MP3's to our family account! While I was happy to hand down my old Kindle Fire, I still have a soft spot for my paper white 3G Kindle! It comes in handy all the time! So if you are not yet convinced E readers are for gottta try one! I love to use it in the kitchen! Anyway.....

   Fortune cookies! 

This really is the good idea of our kids I am just the baker! Fortune cookie Valentines! I had to do a test bake so that on February 13th I sorta knew what I was doing with over sixty cookies! I found a great recipe and tutorial Fortune Cookies I had to of course add my own twist.. With a recipe that uses what you already have around the house it is a truly great, inexpensive idea!

With food coloring, sprinkles and a toothpick I was able to create a more Valentine looking cookie! I used two sided paper to write love notes....Then my creative juices were really going!

    There are so many awesome ways to give these cute little Valentines! Both these glass pieces were only a dollar! Perfect for teachers, grandparents, friends!

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