Monday, November 29, 2010

Tis the season!

Busted! This is a picture that hangs in our home year round! I love it! I love all the little items we have accumulated over the years and look forward with a new found excitement each year to see them placed around our home! Little hands make little ornaments:0)

Green and brown....Hmm? Im seeing a theme!

These ornaments were five dollars for a whole bucket! I then found this ribbon and created a personal touch!

Santa's workshop! No peeking!
More personality:) Grandma's quilt goes well with anything!

Seven dollars and a few thing I had laying around! Voila! Christmas wreath? Check!

Little touches here and there. Christmas cheer is everywhere!

Getting ready for baby.....

Time! How she flies! In under fourteen weeks there will be some big changes in our little home!
Here are some of the little things I have been up to! We are sincerely excited and humbled by the experience that we are in for as a family!

Forever Young....The song that I hear in my heart of when I think of how being a mother makes me feel!

Can't wait!With a few more loving touches (And furniture:) We will be there!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catching up!

Whew! I have genuinely been so vested in my love life and family that I have neglected my little hobby! As promised before I have so many pictures of all the fun stuff I have been up to! Will post soon! I pinky promise! Christmas is fast approaching and I have been a busy little elf! My extended family gifts are done! WOOT WOOT! for under thirty dollars I have stolen;) and created the cutest gifts! Thanks Mal and Normans! Finally four little matching stockings have been created (and hung:) The nursery is all but done! I was lucky to have my mother in law up to wander the local fabric store with and we found simply the cutest material from which I made the same curtains as I had for my girls rooms. I love this time of year and cannot wait to share my simple cheap and easy ideas! One week until my wonderful hubby and I sit down alone together for a romantic, spectacular Thanksgiving dinner I have all planned out! (Kahluha cheescake, sage and onion stuffing, pan roasted turkey! Yummo!) Thirty eight days till Santa! Forty days to the New Year! Sixteen weeks till baby! Five hours till I am back to the place where it all really counts! Riding out on the open fields, hot chocolate warming our tummies..any day now! SNOW DANCE:))
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