Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sprucing Up a Bit....

Last year these whimsical little pots were a hit!

Rebar and terra cotta. Dahlias, and Lavender....

Fresh new spring air...and dirt!

Once again Vinyl saves the day!

"Bloom where your planted!"

Its hard to see, shoulda zoomed in...

But, this quick and easy touch up made a big difference!

My girlfriend and I spied this idea in a Log Home Living Magazine last spring.

Simple, and simply unique!

Start by pounding rebar into ground securely, then to the desired height. I have various planters with as few as two pots up to four. Pot your flowers before stacking. Make sure your pots have a hole in the bottom! Water and watch your flowers bloom!

These pots are a little tricky to water, so make sure you just use a trickle. Great for pansies, sweet alysum etc..any flower that does good in a planter will thrive beautifully. I am trying flowers from seed this year and will post pictures soon!

Happy Spring!

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