Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to freeze spaghetti squash in 4 simple steps!

      No joke! I am sitting here at the counter with the local Christmas station softly playing Silver Bells in the background! Where on earth did 2013 go? As the year end approaches I have found myself experiencing the usual emotions. Anticipation of the season. Excitement for the new and wonderful possibilities. Dread for the weeks of hard work ahead. Elation at the thought of Christmas morning with the family I hold so dear. Hope for positive outcomes with the challenges we face.

    This time of year is certainly full of emotion. Last night as I listened to my ten year old baby rehearse for her solo debut in the school Christmas program, warm tears found their way to my eyes. The First Noel never sounded so sweet, so innocent.

    There is more than enough work to do! Winter preparations must take place before the fun can begin! Last weekend we worked our fingers to the bone getting the yard and house winterized. Next order of business? The garden produce. My grandfather has a large orchard and the Fall months are full of fresh goodies! I was sent home with not one, or two.... but eight spaghetti squash! It breaks my heart to think hard work will go to waste! I thought back to when we prepared fresh freezer corn! It is delicious! So why couldn't you do the same with squash? You can! It is so very easy!

    While your squash is cooling treat yourself to a bowlful of Fall goodness!

    Spoon into freezer bags. Lay flat to freeze. Admire your work! On a frosty winter night a warm buttery bowl of squash will warm you to your toes! 

    As the holidays approach I hope you find peace and merriment in every detail! Remember it won't last forever! Savor the moments loved ones are near! Relish in the laughter of children! Take deep breaths and survive! 

Enjoy this season because it is the only 2013 season you will have!

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