Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Move over Cowboy! Momma's got a new favorite!

What you are looking at is heaven on a bun... er crust!

   Papa Murphy's delectable Cheeseburger pizza is divine! My cute neighbor brought me a slice last weekend and it is all I can think about! Hence the blogging via treadmill:) My husband had different sentiments...H said, and I quote "If I wanted a cheeseburger I would just get a cheeseburger!' Men! 

You have to try this pizza! While you are there try the new pizza kits for the kiddos!

Happy tears...


  I lay in bed last night tossing and turning. Sleep eluding me while warm tears streamed down my face at a continuous pace. Why is being a mother so hard on the heart? You cannot measure the pain  nor fathom the joy a child brings until you are a parent. Nothing can prepare you for the intense roller coaster ride...

    Monday I sat at the kitchen counter working on insurance claims. I had left Sweet Baby K in the living room where I could hear her happily chattering. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her walk into the dining room....Wait! She just walked! I immediately hit my knees cheering her on coaxing her towards me. I was a mess! Bawling like a baby while laughing as if my heart would burst. I rushed about to find my phone to snap a picture to share this moment with my husband. Then dashed to the bedroom to grab my Flip recorder...

    How did this happen? Where did the last year go!?

    While my husband revels in Baby K's blossoming personality and new found abilities I silently lament them. Is there a more clear definition of bittersweet... other than having the heart of a mother watching her child grow! Forever her baby in heart but changing every second before her eyes...

    I knew that yesterday was the day. The last day of nursing. I knew it from the fact that despite challenges we had worked hard to get to this point, and here it was staring me in the face. We got in the shower I wore my swimsuit and she was none the wiser. I handed her a cup of milk before nap time and she went right down. Bedtime was the same I thought I would jump for joy! Instead I cried. And cried...

    I know that Baby K is my last child. Is that why this is so hard? I think back to when my eight year old was a baby. I relive the same heart wrenching bittersweet mementos. I remember the sheepish look on the babysitters face when after a long day of work I picked up my Sweet Baby A to find she had begun walking while in her care. 

    In the same thoughts I think of Sweet Ab and the beautiful young lady she is becoming. I remember everything we have been through and how strong and brave she is having been through so much in her young life. I smile when I envision her in high school driving me crazy! I giggle when I think of her first love. Dread the first heartbreak. My hope soars when I think of who she will be. Her children...

    I once asked my mother, after I hugged her goodbye and noticed she had clung on just a few seconds longer "Is it sad when you can't hold your babies anymore?" Misty eyed she nodded...

    I have been dreading yet looking ever so forward to Saturday. Baby k's first birthday. It will come whether I like it or not. My tiny baby will become a toddler. I will watch the clock with bitter envy as it continues to steal our precious time. Grateful for this life amazed by its beauty. Humbled by it's challenging nature.

Ever changed by becoming a mother...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did you watch!?

Big News!

    I am a Parenthood fan! Big time! I was sad to see the season end tonight! I always find myself smiling every Tuesday night at the end of this awesome show! Hope it comes back! Great finale!

Jute flower tutorial...

    So here is something you may not know about me.....I Love Jute! Just teasing! Even if you only know me  a smidge you know I use jute for everything! Last night as the Daytona 500 was in yet another delay (husband glued to the tube!) I sat down to start my Nicole Heartfelt Designs for March and ended up with these darlings! Cute versatile and easy!

    Start out with a round piece of burlap...I used a bright colored piece of felt for this tutorial because once you start gluing down your jute it is difficult to see! Using jute of varying thickness and shade determine the size of your petal by forming a loop. Cut several pieces of jute into this length.

Place a dot of hot glue onto your circle. Loop a piece of jute in half and place on glue dot. Hold in place then when glue is cool enough touch firmly press down....I have many burns on my fingertips! Be careful! Many of my fellow bloggers also use the eraser end of a pencil or scissor tips to handle hot glue!

Repeat this step until you have completed a full circle! Then do the same to form inner circles just begin below the last circle to create your flower look!

Once you have done this three to four times your jute will begin to fill up the center. Either use some bling gems to create your center, or begin cutting smaller loops to create a jute center!

Again... Like most Nicole Heartfelts! The possibilities are endless! A darling hairpiece! A unique wall arrangement! I found this frame at the DI for one dollar! Painted it black and voila!

Random Wall pieces! I used a straight pin to adhere to my favorite spaces! Or a  fun and different hat pin! What will you do with yours?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrating a wonderful man...

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: Join The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Linky Party & Share Yo...: This week it's all about Dr. Seuss! Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss' birthday is on March 2nd.

What a fun hop that is going on! Please check it out!

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 
― Dr. Seuss


A Winding Road...

    Congratulations to Jess over at A Winding Road you had the most visited link at last weeks Finally Friday hop!

    If you did not visit her yet... Please do!

A Winding Road is a blog after my very heart! Delicious recipes! Darling crafts and so much more! I love the monster cake!

Make sure you stop by and link up this Friday! It may be you featured by Curious Wisdom!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


   OK Katniss Everdeen Fans! Are you dying in wait!! I just pre ordered the soundtrack!!! I am on pins and needles:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...

It is true what they say...About Baby's and boxes!Photobucket

Brown paper sack Flower tutorial...

    I love these flowers so much! I saw them on the Nate Berkus show last week but had trouble loading the video...I found this awesome tutorial on The Krazy Coupon Lady and have been very industrious since! I am using black spray paint for the flowers in my living room and Pink spray paint to color the flowers for Baby k's under construction bedroom! Pics soon! Inexpensive! Cute! Easy! These brown paper bag flowers get my vote!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stay tuned!

     Curious Wisdom has been selected  for the  Pre-Launch book tour and review of Scott Schmaltz's 6 week body Challenge! This will be my first review! Very excited to read, review and put this book to work!

Taking charge while having a little fun...

    Hello again from day two of defying death on the treadmill! Thanks for all the fun comments! It really irritates me when I think of the weeks of time I spent just wishing myself into a workout...Arg! We truly are lazy bones!  Between working and my little blog hobby I spend alot of time on my computer...

    I mentioned before that I am eager to reclaim my body after nearly two years of being body snatched by Sweet Baby K so here goes nothing:) My adorable mini Acer laptop is strapped into position and off I go! I even inspired my husband with my hour of walking yesterday! Last night while I prepared insurance claims he hopped on and ran himself! Look out beaches and swimming pools! Here we come! Maybe a Ragnar is in our future! I of course am getting ahead of myself!

    We are officially weaning! It is hard! With Sweet Baby K's birthday less than two weeks away I am struggling to make my goal of totally weaned! I have cut down feedings, shortened duration of feedings and still feel challenged! Perhaps it is the loss of an emotional bond I am fighting against...

We  just had to get the treadmill that wipes the screen clean when you accidentally pull the safety tether from its base! Now I can't see my hard work computed into precious calories and miles burned!  ARG! I am OK though! Just a tiny trip...It is merely a flesh wound;)

    Anyway! Amidst the hard work and dedication of being full time parents, employees...(My husband just got yet another amazing promotion!) and hard working at everything we do... we always find time for some fun and laughter!

We are blessed to live in a beautiful area with the mountains in our backyard!

    I have been a wienie this year when it comes to my beloved snow! I am nervous to take my lil baby snowmobiling... Last weekend we got Grandpa Jensen's old 1979 Yamaha Enticer out! This was the first snowmobile the hubs and I owned together! In fact she is the one who hooked him into the sport along with a ski doo blizzard that tested our very patience! Happily we have since upgraded but this sled will always be special and we will never get rid of her! It was fitting to have baby K ride her!

    Baby K's first ride! She loved it! She giggled and smiled! I think she will fit in fine!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I don't get Sundays...

    Congratulations Kristin over at I Don't Get Sundays You had the most visited link from the Finally Friday hop last week! If you are not familiar with this blog...go there now! Her perspective on motherhood and family is wonderful! I share the Sunday sentiment!

  Thanks Kristin for linking up!

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Each Monday I will feature the most visited link!

    A very special thanks to everyone who linked up! I hope you had fun hopping! I will be doing some hopping myself to get to know new friends!

P.S....Um if I contacted you today and spoke gibberish....I was trying a new thing! Networking via treadmill! In one hour of networking... Drum roll! I burned 260 calories! Woot Woot! Not dropping my laptop or being maimed by the power cord catching in the track...Priceless!

Happy day Friends!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Get paid to blog! I do!

 Escalate Network is an affiliate network geared towards women and advertisers! I love it because it is so simple! Visit their website to find out more!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Booby Trap...

 An old favorite from the blog archives!

   The innocence of a young child's mind is something that a mother prays will remain pure for as long as possible. With few childhood memories containing laughter, I find myself living vicariously through the minds and experiences of my two young children. Thankful everyday that they are being nurtured and encouraged to just be kids. Growing up to soon is not allowed at our house. If you read my post about Indian food you will love the following conversation I shared with our youngest last week.

     Last Sunday afternoon our five year old came home for a few days in between her visit with her natural father. Happy to be in her home she was in the living room playing on the floor with her Tinkerbell fairies. Singing and thoroughly entertaining herself. The sunlight peering through the blinds. Sunbeams flitting around her. It was picturesque. I was between floors helping my husband downstairs and checking in on her frequently. I finished my touch up painting and crashed on the couch beside her.

    My husband came running up a little later to grab something from the laundry room. On his way back down he nearly tripped over toys that had been strewn about. "It's a booby trap!" I winked at him as he corrected his step and disappeared below deck again. My daughter looked to me with curiosity. "Has dad ever seen the Goonies?" Assuming we are on the same page I giggle. "That's what I say! Booty trap!" Quoting on of the more famous lines of the 1980's classic. Her round cheeks still plump with baby fat are now glowing red. "Has he? How does he know about booby traps?" I assure her that he has indeed seen Goonies. "Then he knows what a booby trap is?" I m starting to catch on that she may not know what said trap is. "Honey?" I inquire. "What do you think a booby trap is?" Placing her hand over her mouth she exclaims "Mom its a bra!"

     I scoop her up. Laughing so hard that she has no choice but to laugh as well. I wrapped the moment up in a bow, and tucked it into my heart with so many others that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Wordless Wednesday...

Where I would love to be today!

Your guide to baby!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be my Valentine...

    Once again valentines day is upon us! I enjoy Valentines day! The chocolates! The flowers! The general feeling of love! The extra time certain girls spent in the bathroom this morning! Oh boy! It is happening! My poor husband is in for it! Three little girls....

 Adam Levine is beautiful! Not many women would argue this....

   Last night as I tucked her little body in snug, my eight year old was grinning from ear to ear. An obvious case of butterflies had her. "Momma?" She asks kissing my face. "Yes baby?" I reciprocate. "Who is that guy on the Voice with all the tattoo's?"  My girls inquiry forces me to giggle because the smirk on her face now has an explanation....a tattooed older man explanation! "Adam Levine? He is a cutie huh!" I reply.

    By now my baby doll is hiding her face blushing and giggling uncontrollably. This is the same girl who cannot resist pausing Twilight to gaze upon Taylor Lautner! "Oh Jacob I loooove you!" I can support a crush on a admittedly cute young man, but I wonder if her Adam "Guy with all the tattoos" crush should concern me?

   Ahhh! My poor husband! Three girls!

    Happy Valentines day!


Thursday, February 9, 2012


My chores are suffering again this morning! Today I have been learning how to get organized using clipix!

     My "Great shoes" clipboard is quickly filling up! I have had so much fun! clipix is pioneering the way we organize our online lives! A totally amazing and free tool to organize thoughts and ideas! Groceries and Holidays!  Recipes and dreams! A friendly community where you decide who views your clipboards!

    Organizing gift ideas for that special someone? Simply customize privacy settings to ensure there is no peeking! Or collaborate with co conspirators with clipix Synchboards! Away from your computer and need the ingredients for that awesome recipe you want to try or the materials for a great DIY? No worries! "There's an app for that!"


    I can't wait to begin adding to my clipboards and creating customized boards that I can reclip and share with my Facebook and Twitter friends! Shoe wish lists and so much more!

    What would you clip?

    How about movies that have changed your life or that song you just can't shake? Books you would love to indulge in. Wish lists! Gift ideas! Home projects! Thoughts and quotes that say exactly who you are! Clipboard possibilities are endless and always useful! Want to see for yourself what I am buzzing about? 


  How would you use this amazing tool? Leave a comment and share your ideas! Start your online organization today! Sign up for clipix and join in the fun!




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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post! Kaci Bennett of Kristine's Catering!

                                W h e r e E x c e l l e n c e  I s A c h i e v e d
                                     Kristine’s Catering Services 
                                         *Cell 435-757-4480 *E m a i l 
                                            Serving northern Utah and surrounding communities

     Hi! My name is Kristine Bennett ... I often go by Kaci....and I am the founder and owner of Kristine’s Catering Services.I grew up with a strong love of food, cooking, and sharing my cooking with others!

    Beginning with weddings in the Las Vegas area at the age of 22 and four months pregnant with my second child, I began my catering experience. I have an experience catering a variety of events over the years. My reputation, as someone who loves and enjoys food, brought me my first professional opportunities. My clientele has grown slowly- My advertising being mostly by word of mouth. But as my catering has been increasingly recognized, more opportunities have come...although I always keep a very personal touch in the events I cater.

     I love what I do and will work with you in whatever way I can to help make your event successful. I have a range of different abilities, however if your request doesn’t fit my normal services, let’s talk about it! Just recently I catered a wedding where the bride requested a cocktail style party, which differed from my usual buffet style....and the wedding was being held 150 miles away. In a spirit of honesty, I explained that this was outside of my experience range, but together we made a plan that fit her desires. I specialize in that kind of openness. If I can’t meet your request, I’ll tell you...and we’ll consider options.

                Honesty with my clients takes priority in my business.

     Looking for an affordable, elegant alternative to your catering needs? Kristine’s Catering Services offers a range of services from light, graceful lunches to stylish well designed banquets. Fine food with a dash of ambiance enhanced decor, Kristine’s Catering Services will work with you to customize your meal to your specific needs. Kristine has spent years designing stylish succulent meals for occasions of all sizes and requests.

    Consider us for your next catering needs.

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