Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mommy moment...

    I stood in shock staring at the woman who held my car keys. A million thoughts racing through my mind. ...

    When sweet baby K is in need of my attention she makes no mistakes in letting me know. She will try to keep up with me while I clean the house, tugging on my pant legs until I pick her up. Then if she still has not caught me at one hundred and ten percent she will lean forward and look at my face until I make eye contact with her, she will then smile and all is right. It is admittedly hard to be at one hundred and ten percent attention all the time....

    Now that I am at home I am still grasping onto the fact that I am ten times busier as a stay at home mom than I ever was while I worked full time.  I often envied my friends who were lazily passing the day away at home with their kids....all apologies for never realizing until now that a stay at home mom's work is never done. Relaxing on the couch with Bon Bons while watching Days is a pipe dream. Showering is a luxury and being covered in animal crackers and yogurt is the new fashion trend to hit the home front. I love my life and the blessings that I continue to receive.

    I am married to a man who has given me the once in a lifetime opportunity to be home with my baby. To finally after years of daycare having the choice of being here when kids come bounding in the door after school...

    Each day begins like the last. Kids out the door. Housework. Errands. After school snack. Dinner. Love....

    While at the store yesterday baby K begins to think she no longer wishes to be strapped into the cart. She would like to be held and must have all of my attention immediately. I take her out and push the loaded cart with one hand while she covers my face in wet sloppy kisses. Heartfull moments...

    As we approach the checkout line I realize my card is not in its usual back pocket space and I must do a little digging. When Sweet baby K is placed back into that silly old cart she begins to wail. Not even thinking I hand her my car keys...something I have done a million times. Keys that may not be the cleanest but do receive a good hefty alcohol spray regularly. Baby happy I locate my card only to drop it on the ground. As I bend down to retrieve it K begins to scream again and I hear a strange woman soothing her, Prepared to thank the soothing stranger I stand instead to face a accusing glare and I see my keys in her hand?

      "How irresponsible are you?" She demands! Before I can answer she continues " Why would you give your poor little baby these dirty keys to play with? That is disgusting not to mention very hazardous!"

    By now heads have turned and I feel anger rising in my body like a burning fury! How irresponsible am I?  I can handle the rest of her statements it probably isn't the greatest idea, however she is judging my parenting by a seemingly honest act....

    I am the irresponsible parent who gave up a good job and promising career to be a mother. I am the irresponsible parent who hands down, ninety nine percent of the time puts the needs of my children before my own. I am the irresponsible parent who has sacrificed. I am the irresponsible parent who falls with the heartache of my children. I am the irresponsible parent who rises with their triumphs. I am the irresponsible parent who works part time even though I don't have to, to keep my family ahead...

   So the mommy moment here is not that I had given my eleven month old filthy dirty cars keys. Silly old tired wore out mother! No, it is finding within me the ability to look this woman in the eye even as my fury was mounting, retrieving my keys and having the bravery to reply "You are right! What was I thinking? Thank you so much!" Satisfied she turned heel....

     I turned back to baby K who for the first time in twenty minutes seems to be content. My face burning I took a deep breath.

    That woman did not know the first thing about me. She did not know who she was scrutinizing...

    But I did! 

    Once in the parking lot I took baby K out of the cart and we stood, just the two of us together cuddling for an eternity....


Monday, January 30, 2012

Boston Cream cupcakes!


     Saturday while out and about with the kids we decided to stop at the little cupcake shop I had noticed a hundred times before but never had the chance to visit. Once all three kids had piled out of the car and we had made it to the door in one piece (a major accomplishment:) a lady rushed to greet us at the door "Sorry! We are closed! We just sold out!" I was perplexed...Sold out? I glanced at the door and noticed the hours: Open till we sell out!

    Bummer! It had taken me this long to find five minutes to just check this place out. If they sell out by noon I will never get to sample what from the menu appeared to be gourmet deliciousness! My girls were equally disappointed. The baby squirmed as I crammed her back into her car seat. "What kind of cupcake place doesn't make enough cupcakes for everybody?" My eight year old pouted.

    As we made our way home cupcakeless...We brainstormed our revenge out loud. Last summer my kids were very industrious. It was not uncommon to find them out in the front yard selling hot chocolate chip cookies and punch. Myself, also grouchy about having no cupcake thought "Hmmmm?!" I mean they must be delicious cupcakes if they are sold out so quickly....I wonder what we could come up with (SEE CURSE OF THE CREATIVE MIND)

    So we are determined to find the most delicious most beautifullest cupcakes to sell out the summer cupcake stand....

    It just so happened that Lidia...whom I love! Made these tasty little Boston Cream cupcakes the very Saturday night we were denied our own savory cake. Boston cream! Oh my!

  What are your favorite recipes? I think I will try my hand at these! Boston Cream cakes

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The curse of a creative mind...

I found this headboard on Pinterest and fell truly, madly, deeply in love.....I have this brain that will not leave well enough alone until I try something... whatever idea that may be in mind. It is like that itch you cannot scratch! I will drive myself nutty and think of nothing else until I have had the opportunity to scratch my crafty itch! SOOO... It was going to be epic! Grand! I had an idea for my own twist...

I think that I will leave it to the pro's on this one and keep looking for my old door headboard!

Note: No curtains were harmed in this experiment:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The versatile blogger award...

    I am proud to accept the Versatile blogger award! Even more so because as I filtered through my comments half blind I realized I had received this award from two amazing ladies! One from Tess at In love by the beach and Jen over at The antics of an Autism mom! I am so lucky to be part of such a supportive community!

    Blogging is hard! If anyone every tells you different it is because they do not know the countless hours of networking, time and tears that go into this endeavor! Several times a week I wonder what I am doing and if I will ever meet my goals....Then there they are! The support of my fellow bloggers who undoubtedly go through the same emotions that I do! We are in this together! We will meet our goals! Thanks so much! 

Recipients of this award are asked to:

  1. Thank the person that nominated their blog for the award with a backlink to them.
  2. List 7 things about themselves.
  3. Award 10 versatile blogs with the award and notify them of the award.
Wowzer seven things about me? Hmm...

I put cottage cheese in everything.
I am the oldest of four children.
I love Florence and the Machine to pieces!
I understand the trials in my life have lead me to this place and have taught me who I am.
My husband is a certified hottie!
I am a big fan of Winter and anything ski doo!
I am willing to start everyday from scratch! I do not dwell on the past. We all have one, but we are yet to have tomorrow...

I now pass this fine award onto:
Kids creative chaos
A mad girls lovesong
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Sandbox Gems
Laugh with us blog
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Mom Taxi Julie

Please visit these fine blogs and let them know how great they are! Thanks again Tess and Jen!

Kids Creative Chaos scavenger hunt!

    Fun, Family Game to Boost Mommy Blogs! Hosted by:
         Kids Creative Chaos

Have fun scavenging the internet and get to know more Mommy Bloggers

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it is:

1. Type the words below into a Google Search.
 2. Find an image (any G image will do). (R click/copy url or save as title below)
3. Pin it to Pinterest and share your Pinterest board, so we can follow.
4. Link up or leave a comment below.
5. Like 'Kids Creative Chaos', on Facebook.

    To be eligible for our Kid's Basket of Goodies Prize pack, valued at over $50 (includes signed copy of (Adam Rubin's book Those Darned Squirrels and The Cat Next Door) you must complete all task in the hunt.

Happy Hunting!

1. Easy Elephants
2. Snowman in a Jar
3. Slipper Flop
4. Colors of the Faith
5. Snowball Socks

*If you live outside the U.S. you can participate but you'll have to pay shipping costs. You have one week to complete the mission. Everyone who completes all Scavenger Hunt tasks will be entered to win!

Catching up...

    I knew the moment my feet hit the floor...The distinct pain behind my eyes, the partial loss of vision, the awesome inability to form coherent sentences, the numb tingling arm and fingers.....

    It was going to be a migraine day! I have suffered with migraines since I was young. I have never had time for migraines something always threatens to go undone if I succumb to it's immense pain. Only recently have they become downright debilitating. I blame it on my old age;)

    So yesterday it brought me to my knees and today I am playing catch up!

    Monday night for the first time in awhile the big kids and I hit the road for GNO! Baby K stayed behind with dad. That was rough! In nearly eleven months I have only been away from her long enough to revel in a trip to the grocery store. My husband had to go into the bedroom while I stood hesitating at the back door. One foot in and one foot out....

   If you have not seen Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close... run don't walk to the theater! I have not seen an amazing movie like this is such a long time. Take your tissue and everyone you love. It changed my life! The wonderful thing about having children that are getting older is the chance to share things such as this movie together! All of our hearts were touched deeply! Thanks grandma Nawyn!

    Finally I want to thank everyone for linking up yesterday at Moms best nest! The turnout was wonderful! If you are a new follower and I have not returned the favor please leave me a comment!

    Now! Looks like I have some awards to pass on!

Monday, January 23, 2012

My first feature and a great Tuesday hop!

As I began my foray into networking I felt so intimidated. Even now as the fruits of my labor are slooowly beginning to pay off I still have a ways to go! The one thing that has pulled me to my feet each day is the support and companionship I have found in my fellow bloggers! I first came across Mom's Best Nest a few weeks ago while browsing blog hops. I feel in love with her bio. I also loved how she encourages a place where "Imperfect moms can share how we can do the best in our nests."

   I am so happy to be a part of Flock together Tuesday this week! Please stop by and visit Mikki! Link up and meet some of the most wonderful people I know!

Flock together Tuesday

It is that time again!

Are you prepared for tax season? Check out the great offers H&R Block is providing! Let them ease the stress of the season!

This post contains my affiliate link. This does not influence or change my opinion.

Dinner and dishes night...


   How do you make chores bearable?

    For the longest time my husband and I thought the recipe for happiness was to expect happiness! Our older children had no chores, no responsibility...The only expectation was to "Just be happy!" As we have matured and evolved in our blending process we have come to learn that children need responsibility. They need expectations that promote a constructive outcome. Expectations equal love.

    About six months ago now we implemented a chore/reward system that seems to be working. The only thing not in check that drives every parent bonkers....the complaining! The chore that brings the beast out!? Dishes! I don't even like to do dishes! Whining and slamming dishes..... It made me wonder if there could be a reward in dishes? They are forever bugging me to let them help with dinner. Come on mom's you will be able to reason with my always "Not tonight." Response. It is just easier to do it myself!

    Having a hand in raising our oldest and knowing what I would like to pass on to my own girls it is time to buck up! Let the cooking lessons begin ladies! On their dish night they are also now cooking! Last week was our first try and it was a success! Being involved in doing something important made them feel important and they can't wait for dish night this week! The complaining will never end it comes with being a kid, but giving them something to look forward to.... The smiling "I did it!" face is worth it!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

    Craftsy is the fastest growing online community for Crafters - with over 500,000 monthly unique visitors, having just launched in May 2011. This rapid growth results from two primary offerings which Craftsy users love:

1) Terrific online classes from amazing instructors for beginning, intermediate and advanced quilters, knitters, crocheters, sewists, jewelry makers, and other crafters.
2) Astonishingly good deals on crafting supplies: organic yarn, lovely fabrics and fat quarters from top designers, high quality needles.

 This post contains my affiliate link. This does not influence or change my opinion.

B&L's Very nearly guiltless chicken salad...

     Yes that is a George Foreman grill, and it is loved! When my husband and I got married and had to combine two households into one.... we found we had two:) Mine was a little more used! What bachelorette's wouldn't have been!

    Last night while foraging for dinner in the mood for something on the light side I was craving salad! My husband crinkled his nose and I set out to blow his mind! Not to mention create a good for us dinner! So the Foreman was pulled out and I seasoned two chicken breasts with garlic powder, italian seasoning, salt, pepper...all the usual suspects! What I love to do is right before the chicken is done, douse it with Worcestershire! It gives it that blackened crunch! Be careful not to burn it though!

    Have that one or two random leftover becoming crunchy hamburger bun? Cut two Sarah Lee (we use these because they are a bigger sized bun) buns into cubes. Use the plastic bag the buns came in to shake things up a bit! Place 1/4 cup of melted butter, Italian seasoning, garlic powder into bag with bread cubes and shake! Bake at 400 degrees until crunchy and golden!

   Voila! We topped our iceberg lettuce with black beans and shredded Colby jack cheese! Fat free Italian dressing, blackened chicken and our delish croutons! It was so good! Even B agreed:)

Happy grilling!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Crap girls say makes my day!

Thank you so much everyone for linking up! I enjoyed visiting all your blogs and getting to know you! I hate to because of the name but have to end the day with a laugh! So pretend it does not say #$%^ and enjoy a laugh with me! I love these guys so much! I always end up in tears! "That poor dog needs some water!"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of nursing pads and granny panties...

Getting my bod back after baby K...

    In under two months and counting down, and after nearly two years of being body snatched I will soon be my own again! First were the nine months of pregnancy. Then the choice to nurse. The choice to nurse up to the year mark has been a daily on the fence straddle...The realization that the one year mark is right around the corner has been bittersweet and a bit intimidating.

    How does one begin this very personal transition? Some days I want to throw my hands up and be through that very second! Dancing around the burning pile of nursing bras! Other days and especially at night when sweet sleep is one feeding away I cannot fathom how the complete task of weaning is to be accomplished...

Then there are the emotions of an inexplicable bond you form...

    But I am ready. We are ready. Baby K is a very special baby. The first child my husband and I share together and the last child to born into our family. Knowing she is my last I have felt the need to experience all the facets of motherhood I was denied with my first child who is now eight. In some regards it was easier the first time. In some regards it is easier this time...

But I am ready...

    We are ready to transition into the realm of toddler. We watch with excited eyes and pounding hearts as she stands on her wobbly little feet and raises her arms high above her head little three toothed drooly smile...

    It will be nice to have my body back to its original owner. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the P.I.N.K method and ready to reclaim my shape...

It is my heart that will never belong to me again!

Monday, January 16, 2012

You is special...

    Last weekend I finally got the chance to watch The Help. A beloved book of mine, I had been trying to find five minutes to sit down and watch this film. I knew minutes into it I wanted to share it with my older girls. The valuable lessons. The heartache and laughter.

    With everybody home today and not to mention an appropriate movie for the Holiday... I mentioned renting it. "Yes! We have been wanting to watch that show! A lady eats poop!"  Oh you have to love the social education our kids get at public school! Last week my third grader came home and asked me if I knew the difference between a Snickers bar and Justin Bieber....

I will let you figure that one out!

    "Yes, it is true a lady eats a pie with a secret ingrediant, but there is so much more to the story!"

    Since I had already seen it I spent the two hours test baking their Valentines fortune cookies....pics posting tomorrow:) The girls came upstairs all grins! They laughed, they cried, they loved it! Scooping up Sweet Baby K I heard them both tell her Aibi's quote.....

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

    Such simple words that every child should hear. So sweet so easy...

Crock pot barbeque coke chicken...

    Say that five times fast! Nothing says Sunday like delicious smells emanating from the kitchen. I am a believer in Sunday dinner. From childhood the one day you could actually wrangle everybody to the table was Sunday. Last night we tried this delicious recipe with a few tweaks!

1 cup Coke
1/2 cup Italian dressing
12 ounces barbeque sauce of your choice
1 clove diced garlic
1 small onion diced
salt and pepper
 boneless chicken breasts

    Combine all ingredients in crock pot. Savor the delicious smell for 4-6 hours. Shred chicken with fork and then enjoy on a butter toasted sesame bun!

Snow dance...


What are your winter hobbies?

 Where is the snow! Our inner snowmobilers are in mourning! We are avid snowmobilers. It has been a part of my life since childhood. I introduced my husband to his love of ski doo:) Actually my grandpa did when he gave us his old beaters as a pre wedding gift. We were hooked!

    Last winter as Utah recieved record snowfall I ambled along up to the 36th week of my pregnancy. Slow and easy it was not our typical thousand miles on the sleds winter.

    This year although it saddens us we have been out once! It is partly due to the fact that there is very little snow and also due to the fact that our little one is just that...a little one! Without a winter hobby however.....life is slow and somewhat boring! Most winter weekends you had no guarantee of finding us. This winter we are sticking close to home. Redbox is our best friend! This morning as a weak winter snow passed through my husband was grinnin! Grandma and grandpa are lined up to babysit this weekend if the snow continues to fall.

   We have a lifetime of winters ahead of us if god grants. We have many seasons to catch up and ride to our hearts content. Sorry baby K you are stuck with us:)

Tearing it up in West! Many great memories have been made there! Many more to come!

 If you have never been anywhere else in the winter this is the place to begin winter traditions. It is home to my heart. Help us out! Get your snow dance on!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Success....I think!

     I love to try new things! I love knowing that "Yes I can!" Or the "Yeah, I tried that and well...." My sweet husband's grandmother was Italian and I am forever hearing stories of a lady I never knew but love. He loves to talk about her cooking. I have wanted to try gnocchi for a while but honestly felt intimidated! I found the best recipe and tutorial! 101 Cookbooks It was a chore I won't lie. I felt nervous as I began to knead the potato's.....I think my first time went pretty well!

    The whole fork trick had me perplexed! I have the confidance now to try again! We served them over hot garlic marinara sauce and cheesy french bread! Try it out and let me see your success!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Whats for dinner this fine Saturday?

            I am trying my hand at homemade Gnocchi for the first time ever! Pics and recipe coming soon!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Did you know...

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

    If you are a member of a Express Scripts insurance plan your prescription coverage may be impacted!

    For the past year trusted pharmacy Walgreens has been in negotiation with Express Scripts for a new contract. The negotiations were unsuccessful and the contract expired on December 31st. As a result Walgreens is no longer a pharmacy provider for Express Scripts.

    The impact of the decision made by Express Scripts has been rather inconvenient. Patients have been forced to leave their comfort zone. Many patients whom have built personal trusting relationships with their pharmacists are seeking plan approved coverage elsewhere. Changing pharmacies. Losing the trust and the convenience of 24 hour access. Not to mention cost has not been spared this is a no win situation.

    Patients are left feeling frustrated.  Walgreens and Express Script

    Not only does this affect the patient but the community as well. Express Scripts would like to use it's own mail order pharmacy instead of our community pharmacy's. What then happens when you need your prescription as you leave the doctors office or need emergency pain medication?

    Walgreens is taking steps to ease this transition for its valued patients by offering a special discount on annual membership for it's Prescription Savings Club.  Walgreens Prescription Savings Club  Just a few of the other benefits include discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, plus bonuses when you purchase Walgreen brand products.

   Remember only certain prescription plans managed by Express Scripts have been affected. It is best to check with your pharmacist to decide if you have been imp by these changes.
Support your local Walgreens and keep up to date by liking them on Facebook Walgreens on Facebook
Also by following them on Twitter Walgreens on Twitter
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Trying new things...

Its Ok Thursdays

During my morning networking session:) I stumbled across It's OK Thursday! So here goes nothing! Make sure to visit these fun girls by clicking on the image!

It is OK that I slept in a few minutes this morning! Baby K wanted to party lastnight!

It is OK if I do not make it into the shower today....by the time the house gets cleaned and  the grocery store gets conquered....

It is OK to spend a few minutes each day for myself.

It is OK if dinner is not gourmet some nights! Frozen burritos are always welcome!

It is OK to promise myself tomorrow (after eating church potato's for breakfast today) I will work out and eat smart!

It is OK to be me:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cafe Well! A community for wellness!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cafe Well for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
                                                     Inbox (16 messages, 1 unread)
    There are a million different communities nowadays. I myself am a member of several different communities that each offer their own resources. When I heard about Cafe Well I had to check it out for myself. What I found was a friendly non intimidating community with resources on everything from Cancer to pregnancy and parenting. A valuable place for questions and support! Weight and nutrition! A community where you can begin your own private and secure group to store your information and share health topics with friends and family!
    I was also very impressed by the challenges and goals forum. A place to set and achieve realistic goals. A friendly environment to give and receive support! The Race to the Moon challenge hosted by Cafe Well and sponsored by HealthAmerica caught my eye. A corporate wellness challenge that is motivating 150,000 small group and individual HealthAmerica members to become more active by offering free pedometers. Progress is then tracked and participants are rewarded for milestones and total steps! In a under a month participants have walked over 50 million steps. In fact as of January 9th 2012 participants have walked one third of the distance to the moon! That's 208 million steps in two months! Using the power of social networking and the incentive to move Race to the moon has proved successful!

    I enjoyed Cafe Well so much that I became a member and also created my own challenge! Walk while you network! A challenge to get myself and fellow stay at home moms moving while babies nap and our brains and fingers network!
    I encourage you to visit Cafe Well to become informed and motivated! Cafe Well
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Now thats love...

    There are two types of people...those who can function without sleep and those who cannot! I cannot! The couch and I have been great buddies since the birth of Sweet baby K...

    Finally at ten months of age she is in a somewhat reliable sleep schedule. Save the nights that she is cranky from teething or overstimulated by the days events I would dare say she is sleeping through the night. At nearly forty years of age my husband is not in a reliable sleep schedule...

   Bless his sweet heart! The days of taking hits from various sports to the youthful face have caught up to him and he snores! Loud like a bear! His sinuses are a constant source of discomfort. He is also a night owl. One of those that cannot sleep without the T.V... Again I am neither of these! I am in bed with the chickens and prefer nice and quiet!

    For years I have dismissed his sleeping habits with a kiss and pillow over my head. Now however I believe he and Baby K are in cahoots! My husband will be up until two before finally falling asleep and beginning to snore.....loud like a bear! I barely settle on the couch, which lets face it...I hate! Not being in our bed or snuggling drives me batty but the urge for sweet sleep drags me to the living room! Anyway I barely settle when the baby begins to fuss! Making mom a grizzly in the morning and throughout the day!

    No one likes Grizzly bear mom! The sorrowful look on his sweet face when he realizes his Sawzall antics have forced me onto the couch are often enough to smooth down my fur....after a week straight of crazy nights...not so much!

    I entered the kitchen after a save me cup of coffee and a steaming hot spare my sanity shower to find my sweet husband with four 2x4's....

    That morning he raised the head of our bed four inches...which actually is an amazing concept! If you are ever bored look into the health benefits! I had never given much thought to the effects the plain and simple act of lying in bed flat have on our bodies and honestly after a few nights of sleeping this way I am a believer! 

Ahhh off and random again! ANYWAY...

    He also made his way to the store to find Melatonin and saline for his poor nose. I love everything about this man. I love the simple gestures he makes to try to keep me happy and helping himself to feel better only makes everything he does greater. I am happy to report that the last two nights have been blissful and full of sleeping! Even Sweet baby K is back on track!

Our kids are laughing at us because our bed resembles a Craftmatic...

Age! Own it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Black bottom cupcakes...

Caution! Chocolaty ooey gooey goodness ahead!

    With Valentines day fast approaching it's time to think treats! Try this easy, fast, and delicious cupcake recipe out!

1 8oz box of cream cheese
6 oz package of chocolate chips
1 egg
1/2 cup sugar
1 box Devil's food cake mix

Preheat oven to 350.

Combine cream cheese, chocolate chips, sugar and egg. Mix until well blended!

Prepare cake mix as instructed on box. Fill cupcake liners halfway with cake batter and top with a tablespoon of cream cheese mix.

Bake according to box instructions.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

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