Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Fun Around Our Home

 In honor of the day, I thought I would take a few snapshots of things around our house. Found these candles and thought they looked fun, smell festive too!
 Pumpkin carving!

 Silly face caramel apples!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Santa Baby...

   Have you seen the new Kindle Fire friends?! AWESOME!!! Check it out on it's official Amazon site! For a fraction of the cost of an I pad the Kindle Fire allows the rest of us the aaffordability of a tablet! Start saving your penny's this tablet goes on sale November 15th and within the Christmas season will sale like hotcakes! If you are an Amazon member you can pre order on your account!

Woot Woot!

Happy I know what I want for Christmas:))

Friday, October 28, 2011


    I love a good old scary movie...not the modern slasher flick! I love the old fashion suspense thrillers. Vincent Price portraying anything Poe in my book is awesome! There are so many oldie goldies that will raise the hairs on your neck! Watcher in the woods, the original Amityville, Bela Lugosi as Dracula, 1963's Haunting of Hill House! I could go on and on...Gaining on the Halloween Holiday leaves this weekend open for some fun! My cute husband is not of the same persuasion...He covered his eyes through most of Wolfman Lol...H&K's

 We did revisit an old favorite this week! Hocus Pocus is good clean fun for everyone:D

    Morning time around my house is the calmest. Baby K lays down for a nap and I lay with her until she is sleeping soundly. During this time and because of the whole "babies and background noise" I quietly flip through channels not really paying attention and plot out my day ahead. Yesterday while channel surfing eerie music caught my attention....OK I'm watching now....The grainy color and dark contrast of the film were indeed intriguing. I was soon enough hooked and according to the epg was watching The Haunting of Julia a 1977 Mia Farrow film.....

Good old fashioned thriller! Great for getting into the spirit of the season:)

By the way...I saw my first Christmas commercial!

Happy Hauntings!

Too darn cute not to try...

    These darling treats are the creations of Diane D'Agostino! I cannot wait to try! I have been looking for a new Christmas well as different Halloween goodies! Imagine a marshmallow Santa:) Hee Hee to cute! Love it!!

Happy new ideas!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby K's first pumpkin...

    I cannot remember the last time I carved a pumpkin:) Ever since our girls were small we have in the interest of sparing fingers mainly painted our Jack O Lanterns!  I found kid friendly carving knives and we all went to work! Roasting the seeds afterwards and savoring hot chocolate! Its gettin chilly!!

Happy lil pumpkins!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The bittersweet task of baby proofing...

    I am not the only mother in history to silently lament the tick tock of the clock...The tiny bottom tooth making its appearance and the rocking on hands and knees tell me time is flying. It is truly bittersweet. Watching your child develop into whom they will become is a gift without measure....Just dunno why its gotta be so hard to let them grow!
     Crawling will be making its debut any day now! Gotta start getting all my fun stuff up and out of the reach of curious fingers and mouth:) One trip outta town this weekend was all I needed to get some fresh new ideas! I always try to plot out my decorating.....this time I just went with it and I love it!
 While there is no shortage of pics of this particular space....It is my favorite! I love the "empty frame" look!
     My daughters Nanna found this serving dish at a cancer fundraiser and somehow knew I would need it! Good cause and darling new table accent. It is similar to the pieces my sister and I made for Christmas last year out of candlestick holders and jars/plates. I will post a how to soon! Cheap and easy project that many will love!
    And lastly...I am not big on OMG...but Oh My Stars! Need a scent that will surely put you in a good mood! Try Silver Spruce by Greenleaf! I put it on a heat vent as my Mom suggested ( to be removed before sweet baby K wakes up:) and it smells absolutely positively divine! I am a real Christmas tree kinda gal and as long as I live and as long as there is a good excuse for the hubs (I miss you:) to fire up his sled we will have a real tree... for the reason they somehow have captured in this sachet!

    I have one more project I hope to accomplish today...everywhere I went I was captivated by the most beautiful shade of blue! Somewhere between turquoise and cerulean....Gotta find some and add that wonderful contrast of color:)

Happy Happy! Love your living room camp out director!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The abillity to DIY...Priceless!

    As I headed out the door MSH (My sweet hubby:) handed me forty dollars and said "Buy yourself something you can't live without....actually on second thought I know you better than that! Go look around and find what you are going to come home and make!" I love this guy! He is too good to me! XOXOXOXO!

  Girls day! We headed South to explore! In and out of the many crafty little shops we found I could not close my discriminating eyeballs! Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by awesome talent and imagination. I would love to have one of everything I saw...but I could not stomach the prices and again my discriminating eyes showed my how I could create my own versions of what I was coveting most for a fraction of the cost.

   I am always humbled by the talents of myself and those around me. I believe everyone is capable of greatness!

   I could not stop thinking of my little family the whole while I was "shopping" I had nearly eighty dollars to spend as I may.... But did I need to? Couldn't I squirrel it away for a rainy day or a night on the town with my most importants? Plus do what I enjoy most? My most favorite hobby...

My choice was made and I enjoyed the pleasure of window shopping with three of my favorite ladies!

    Brain full of wonderful images. Projects I cannot wait to get my busy paws creating ....Beautiful prints displayed on canvas blocks! Jessie Wilcox Smith images swirling around my imagination:) Vintage creations! Christmas decorations! When I look around my home I am proud...Proud of what we have created and with our own hands keep the safest.

Choose happiness everyday! I believe in you!

Thanks Mom, Dad and Mag for a wonderful day:)

Jessie Wilcox Smith...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Projects Two and Three...Finally!

Project #2...

I decided to make myself an earring holder and love it! I realized that many of my posts have to do with organization...but I finally have the time to do it! I feel so incredibly busy and there is always so much to be done, but I am grateful for a flexible schedule now. Full-time work and full-time school never was good for making a home. So I find myself organizing and doing all the things that I have wanted to do for years and feeling like it is coming together one day at a time.

I have become a fan of pink as of late and even though it doesn't match the bathroom, couldn't resist! Again, just got a frame from the thrift store for $1, painted it, backed it with fiberglass screening and then with fabric. Add a hanger and you're done!
 Here it is with my earrings that finally have a home!
 I think it turned out nice in my bathroom. I found the white shelf at the thrift store for $4. I have my headbands and bracelets on the shelf with a few other odds and ends. I hang my necklaces from the bar and now the earrings are easy to find and fast to put off and on.
 Project #3...

I found this cute shadow box at the thrift store for $1 with the roses in it. The door is hinged, so it can be closed for a box, but I like to keep it open for more dimension and so it can stand up. All it needed with a little TLC - removal of some extra hardware, a little paint and glass cleaner. Cute for the baby room or living room.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ewwww! Yum!...

    Oreo dirt pie! The perfect little Halloween party treat! So simple and inexpensive too! Perfect for a classroom of excited ghouls:)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Passing down the love of a good book...

    I am overjoyed at the aspect of dusting off our collection of children's books to share with our little one! Books are special and should be shared as the precious gift that they are! I am always in awe of the      measures our schools are making to keep reading a priority. It is so important! It is fun as our older children become more advanced readers and we share an interest in the same books:)

Happy twenty minutes of daily reading!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


    If I had to describe today in one word it would be...Sublime! The warm October sun played tricks on our senses as we basked in it's evening glow. I looked over and to my hearts content was the little angel that has completed our world. Grinning at me heart full of pride, the love of my life watches on...

       I have had this song stuck in my head for days and when I looked up the lyrics it was easy to see why...I have not even heard of this band I do not follow them or own their Cd's but this song is!

Shootin’ dr. Pepper cans with your brand new red ryder
That old folding lawn chair makes the perfect x-wing fighter
Those no-name baseball cards spinning in your spokes

Now that’s cool

Turnin’ 17 and daddy loosens up the curfew
Drivin’ home at midnight that old buick smells like perfume
Making your own money, having coffee with your folks

Now that’s cool

Knowin’ where you’re goin’ embracin’ where you’ve been
Being criticized for standin’ strong in a battle you can’t win
Livin’ in a moment you may never see again
Let your heart break some rules

Now that’s cool

Wakin’ up with your new bride a room beside the ocean
10 years later goin’ back to relive that emotion
She tells you what she’s thinking but never says a word

Now that’s cool

The pitcher is your six year old, you’re his full time catcher
He gets a new bb gun and “you’ll put your eye out” lecture
Your 3 year old is singin’ the song that she just learned

Now that's cool

Knowin’ where you’re goin’ embracin’ where you’ve been
Being criticized for standin’ strong in a battle you can’t win
Livin’ in a moment you may never see again
Let your heart break some rules

Happiest heart...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh my stars...

     Everyone loves a weeping willow! I think my sweetheart said it best though..."Blair witch?!" Um...Er...Well! As you saw I absconded with a trunk full of my parents willow branches on Sunday. Figuring out what to do with them has been a fun challenge! These stars did turn out pretty cute and I have seen similar ones at craft boutiques for twenty bucks!

Happy day!

    I love my life and the time I have to be a momma and a wife!  With a side of hobby time! Creating keeps me sane:) Cannot wait to drag out my old windows and get to workin on them! Can hear my lil Boo Boo cryin:( Poor little dear had her flu shot and is not happy! Stay tuned more is in store!
Happy almost Friday!

Project #1

I was so excited to make this! I got a frame from DI and painted it, then backed it with ribbons and fabric. A whole lot of hot glue and a picture hanger later...I feel like I have a little flower garden! All of the baby's cute little hats on the left, headbands in the basket on the right and all of her cute little hairbows and clips on my new ribbon frame creation! I am so pleased with it. Thank you to all the sweet friends and family that have given us so many cute accessories.
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