Friday, September 30, 2011

The proof is in the cake...

     Each time I take on the challenge of a new cake I get a little better and I learn a little more...Crumb coat!! Placing a crumb coat on your cake and freezing it prior to frosting it is a little miracle:)
 Mamma's tiny helper was available for moral support...
    At the last minute and unprepared to the maximum I decided this special cake could use some special attention.. I had these giant marshmallows left over from camping! Fondant!
     My second attempt at homemade marshmallow fondant! A little easier this time I must say!
     A special girl ordered a special cake! I had to drag out that old bear mold again...that thing is loved!
     The whole while I was making this cake I kept thinking of the movie The Frog Princess...It is a movie that we love at our house! "Just one kiss? That is it?'
"Unless you beg for more!"

Happy love!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Five dollar find...

   Although today was four different kinds of nuts:D I had a few minutes to slink into an old corner at the antique mall and find these treasures! Love, love, love oldie goldies! Good thing I have a lil job that supports my habits:)

Happy treasures!

A daunting task with an abundant reward...

   Twelve hours and fifteen pounds of tomato's later! I was able to put up twenty four glorious pints (And this monster quart) of salsa! Macey's has this wonderful pepper bar where I found habanero's and thai's to add to Kaci's smokin jalapenos! Our food storage is comin along! It is so nice while at the grocery store not worrying about the things you have plenty of!

    Tip: waiting until the season is near ending will have friends and family begging you to take their precious produce! I was able to raid my grandfathers orchard! Saving forty dollars! All I had to get were the lids, spice mix and extra peppers! I think fifteen dollars in supplies was well worth the nearly hundred dollars worth of canned goods don't you!

Feeling brave?

Blanch your tomato's so the skin will virtually fall off! Fifteen pounds sounds like alot...but keep in mind you are going to de seed and peel these babies!

According to your preference either chop or puree your newly peeled and seedless toms and start cookin!

I like to use Mrs. Wages hot salsa mix combined with fresh onions, garlic, cilantro and of course peppers! On a wild notion I incorporated fresh peaches into my puree:)

Simmer your salsa for at least thirty minutes before ladling into your warm sterilized jars.

I use the water bath method and process my jars for twenty minutes beginning at the boiling point!

Remove..listen for that wonderful "pop" that means your jars are safely sealed and enjoy!

Happy canning!

Easy DIY Earring Holder

   I love DIY projects that save a lot of money. Lately I have been working hard on birthday and Christmas gifts. This is one that I made to hold earrings. I just went to the thrift store and found an awesome frame that I painted black after taking out backing and glass. I went to Lowe's and bought fiberglass screening - like is used in your windows. : D I got a whole roll for about $6. My rotary cutter even worked on it. (It is not the metallic screening, it is a lot softer and pliable.) I cut it to cover just short of the entire back of the frame and hot glued it into place. Then I chose some brightly covered fabric, cut to fit the entire back of the frame, stretched and glued. Make sure you have a bracket to hang it on the wall with. Either get a frame with one already on it and cut your screen and fabric around it or buy one for about 30 cents and hot glue it on.

    My Sister-in-Law was cute enough to send me a thank-you picture of her birthday present with her earrings on it. I think it turned out nice and it really is such a great way to organize all of your earrings where they are easy to see and easy to find.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Digital scrapbooking fun...

I have watched my mom do it a thousand times and figured it too frustrating for myself....and it is! However!? While trying to create our Fall banner I was feeling less than satisfied with my limitations. With my darling little sister on speed dial I set out to try something new! Have you seen! It was all the motivation I needed! In between one hundred and one errands today I have begun my foray into digital scrap booking! It is sorta complicated and bear with us until we figure some things out...but how fun!! Like our banner?

Happy trying new things!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A window to the soul...

On my way home from a meeting with my boss...not the short toothless one;D I was in a wicked rush...then out of the corner of my eye I spied this little antique mall I had not yet had the pleasure of exploring! In front were stacks of old windows!! As we work to piece together our bedroom (still searching  for that darn perfect door) I remembered admiring the shelves my dad made for my mom out of old windows! Yee Haw! I picked this gem, took it home and worked it over to give it that worn wood look and once the shed is framed my love will be building the shelves that will sit behind the window and the window will be the door....huh?! Stay tuned for the end results:)
Happy day!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Something is hhhaaaappppening...

    In the blink of an eye it is begining....From Barbie and Cinderella to everything Bieber and what is not cool! Extra time in the bathroom and the best grooming habits I have seen in years! I have to giggle as my husband surveys the damage of our recent young ladies shopping trip. Their bathroom is better stocked than ours! LOL:D While I silently beg them to stay little I have no choice but to become guide for the process in which they are embarking. Young ladies growing into the women they will become. Aye! Enjoy makeup and heels while they are still just for fun;)

Friday, September 16, 2011

DIY Necklace

This necklace was so fast and easy and it was very inexpensive! All you need is ribbon and washers. That's right, washers! You can pick them up in the home improvement section of the store and get about ten for $1.50 or so in many different sizes. The necklaces look great with either all one size washer or a mix. Just weave two different pieces of ribbon through the washers, tying a knot between each one to hold it. I choose to put two knots a little farther up the ribbon as well to make the look come together.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Laughing Out Loud...

I laughed so hard I was almost crying when I saw this! Simply because it reminds me of two people I know! Love you grammie and poppa! Too funny, and too cute!!

Happy day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun and random...

    While my pumpkin chocolate chip zucchini bread bakes:D I thought I would upload and share some of the fun I have been having with looking glass spray! You must get some of this stuff! No glass surface is safe in our house! Let your imagination lead you!

 Our Peach days booth...
 My favorite picture of my sweetheart and I needed a lil somethin...
 I figured out the most random thing while trying to clean the unpainted glass surface of my objects... for that old and beaten look use vinegar!
Happy experimenting!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Five alarm onions...

 We use onions for everything! On a wild dare we planted several in our garden this spring...we have onions coming out our ears and they are so wonderful to have! As Salsa Saturday approaches and the summer comes to a glorious end it is nice to walk to the backyard and help ourselves to homegrown goodness:)
As the backyard barbecues begin to dwindle and the chilly evening breeze sets in, warm up with jalepeno onions! Grill them up alongside your burgers and chicken!
jalepeno juice
crushed red pepper

Happy grilling!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never forget....

    Isn't it amazing how time flies? How the tragedy of 911 still feels like it was yesterday yet according to the calendar it has been ten years. Ten years! The power of pain that still brings tears to your eyes after all this time. The pain of empathy as you search the faces in a sea of heartbreak. They say you will never forget where you were and it is true...

    Yesterday as we entered the firehouse and my dad greeted us with warm plates loaded with pancakes and eggs I felt a sense of pride. I did not know those fireman on 911 but I know these guys. Not all personally and some not even by name. I am proud of my father and he is a hero in more ways than one. Thank you.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Peachy Keen...

     I am beginning to think that I would not know what to do with a slow and calm life:) With less than twelve hours notice I was offered an opportunity to share a booth with my mom at Peach Days this year! Oh wow! My first reaction was laughter! Yeah! How on earth would I pull that off........

Finally got my looking glass spray!!

   With a little luck! Like what ya see? Come on over to Brigham for a peek!

Happy Peach Days:)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On the look out...

    We are lacking a headboard....My husband first mentioned this idea to me awhile ago. Then as things often do this "would like to do" got lost in the shuffle of "must do's"!  We will be keeping our eyes peeled for that perfect door! There are so many cute ideas for old fashioned doors! I cannot wait to get my paws on a few!

Happy hunting:)

My heart...

When you're so lonely lying in bed

Night's closed it's eyes but you can't rest your head

Everyone's sleeping all through the house

You wish you could dream but forgot to somehow

Sing this lullaby to yourself

And if you are waiting, waiting for me

Know I'll be home soon darling I guarantee

I'll be home Sunday just in one week

Dry up your tears if you start to weep

And sing this lullaby to yourself

Lullaby, I'm not nearby

Sing this lullaby to yourself

Don't you cry, no don't you cry

Sing this lullaby to yourself

Cause when I arrive dear it won't be that long

No it won't seem like anytime that I've been gone

It ain't the first time it won't be the last

Won't you remember these words to help the time pass?

So when you're so lonely lying in bed

Night's closed it's eyes but you can't rest your head

Everyone's sleeping all through the house

You wish you could dream but forgot to somehow

Sing this lullaby to yourself.....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy birthday guys...

    Saturday was for all my why not make them feel loved! This six...yes six layer lemon and orange raspberry butter cream filled bomb was the best! Homemade marshmallow first attempt! Scary! Not my greatest....but not my worst. It was sure tasty! Love you guys!

Another victory for the wallet...

      Two bucks friends! My trip to the DI paid off! Much to my satisfaction I was able to create our Fall   wreath! Micheal' that store! Their floral pieces were 40% off this week! I dried the apples days prior and knew I would use them somehow (much to my children's dismay:)
It turned out so awesome!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Treasure hunt...

      This morning before the fondant goes on the cake, and dinner is put into the crock pot...Even before the house is clean and preparations for tomorrow are final I have made a choice. Inner me has been begging for five minutes. Five minutes for just me. Sounds selfish right? Nope:) Everything I do is for the benefit of my family. The smile on their faces and the memories we are making. Five minutes for mom is a good thing!

    So of course I went to the DI...Lol! I love that place! For fifteen bucks I found several items that with a little love are going to be wonderful additions to our home. I received an awesome compliment from our daughter the other day:D She loves how bright and inviting our home has become since I have made the transition to working from home. I thought to myself about this for a minute...isn't that part of the deal? To create a environment that makes my family feel the love I have for them! I read this quote this morning...

" Life is not about waiting out the storm, it is about learning to dance in the rain"

Happy Friday!

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