Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still here!

Holy cow! If I just had five more things to do! I love my bustling little life! So the big hunter got a deer! Good thing we just picked up a deep freeze this summer:) The nursery is very nearly completed! Go me! I am busy creating Mr an Mrs Frankenstein....Pictures coming soon! XOXOXO

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Deer Widow:)

As the annual deer hunting season has fallen upon us...I have joined the deer widow population! I love that my husband has the ability to take off, trudge through the woods and be a man for weeks at a time. This is when I also take time for me. With the kiddos home it is perfect time also for girl stuff! I have been up to only a few things this last week.....Since my handsome hubby has our camera I will just tell you. Salsa! Salsa with peppers that were so hot I had to wrap my hand in an ice pack to find relief from the intense Jalapeno burn....but oh momma is it good! Peaches! Yep, helped my lil sis put up twelve scrumptious quarts! Painting! The nursery is coming along quite nice. I have now got my base coat down and in a few days will go back through to create my design....I have been busy! The most important is of course "Living room camp out"
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