Monday, September 13, 2010

Jammin on a Sunday! Peach Style...

Last year we were able to put up twenty four delicious quarts of peaches. Still working on rotating last fall's stock...this year Poppa's peaches made for delicious jam!

If not for a tip from my mother in law I would have spent at least an hour peeling thirty peaches. Most of you probably already know to blanche your fruit or veggie first, but to us newbies it's a wonderful tip. The skin literally falls off:)

Coming Saturday....Fresh Jalapeno SALSA!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Simple Touch of Love...

This evening we attending the wedding reception of a dear friends daughter. The bride had chosen red and orange for her colors....and Gerbera daisies. It reminded me of my own reception when I also chose this simple flower for accent. Our colors were purple, cream and green. A true spring theme since it was after all the season. I searched and searched for the "just right" centerpiece. Fresh Green limes cut into quarters filled square vases. Purple ribbons round cream Gerbera's. It is easy to see this is a flower of choice. My own personal favorite. Handed out to all the special girls after the occasion truly a simple yet wonderful touch!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I learned from today..

Trust is a bond formed between two people. It doesn't come as easily as it can be let go. Bosses are people too. People with families and lives just as complicated as any. Sometimes the strongest tree can bend under the faintest strain of pressure...

Being in love is all that matters and holding hands is important too.

Who needs pickles and ice cream when you can have sun dried tomato crackers with cottage cheese:)
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