Saturday, May 29, 2010

Slipper flop summer...

Hit the remnant bin at your local fabric store and  the flip flop aisle of your favorite department store for this crafty good for rainy days summer project!

Last summer our neighbors daughter was sporting the cutest flops I had seen in awhile....This is our version! great activity for the kids!

Cut your fabric into varying widths and lengths. With the underside of the fabric facing you, on the plastic top of the foot portion tie a double knot. Slide fabric close together so the plastic is covered with no gaps. Do this all the way around the plastic, trim fabric to desired length and voila!

I give you the "Slipper" flop:) Cute and fuctional! Right up my alley!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simply Saying Thanks!

Cute, personal and under ten dollars!
Think back to the last greeting card you received.....Where is that special heartfelt two fold sentimental piece of paper? If you are like me it is in one of three places, and out of sight until the next time I come across it. What if you were to place a sentiment on a decorative item sure to be displayed? With the end of the school year approaching what a delightful way to say "Thank You!"

The open space of glass in the frame created by the mat makes it possible to match any color scheme.
Great for educators! An apple a day! Great for any occasion you wish to be remembered and looked upon frequently as a reminder of a thoughtful heart!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paint IS your friend!

I have been coveting a certain five piece table set at Hobby Lobby for some time. Our now previous situation around the table was less than desirable...

Our table was worn down and missing two of the original four chairs. Seating children on bar stools while the adults took the remaining same height chairs. Ugh! White legs, and wood grain table top. Two stools with padded brown seats and iron back rests...oh yeah! It was awesome. I had resigned to saving my pennies. In fact I'm still saving, however I have made a simple upgrade to our dining room with a half gallon of black paint and a trip to Deseret Industries.

For a fraction of the cost of a new dining set, I practically have what I want. I found two matching wood grain stools (for a total eight dollars!) They were a bit too tall but I put my husband to work. Sanded down the original table top and chair seats. We purchased a grey primer and twelve hours later I had something I could be proud of. A place we can all sit in style!
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